Stamp design for SORRY COFFEE CO, 2018-2019.

With these illustrations, I wanted to invoke a light-hearted humor that was immediate upon a guest picking up their drink. These designs were made into stamps to be used on takeaway cups and paper bags for the shop. 

Tote design for Raiz, 2019.

Raiz Adaptogenic Drinks asked me to design a tote around one of their three drinks, Turmeric Gingko. I chose to illustrate these adaptogenic ingredients as a joyful delivery and used a vibrant mustard and warm maroon to evoke the warming and comforting qualities of the drink.

Pin design.

Avocado dog and toast dog pins are 1” across and available for purchase. 

Apparel design.

I designed these and sold them at zine and comic fairs from 2015 to 2019. I also made a grey sweater version of my Naptisse design and have since sold out of all apparel. Thank you for the support!

Paper goods design.

I designed these and sold them at comics and zine fairs from 2015 to 2018. I have since retired these designs, thank you for the support!